Type and Dicta 24 (Transcriptions) in Pretoria
Type and Dicta 24 (Transcriptions) in Pretoria

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Type and Dicta 24 (Transcriptions) in Waverley, Pretoria

Address: Goosen Street 1538, Waverley, Pretoria - Pretoria - 0186

Location: Pretoria

Phone: 0847330548

Mobile: 0796972196

Contact Person: Colleen Joubert

E-mail: type24@absamail.co.za


Description: Transcription of AUDIO and VISUAL recordings: 30years' experience. Team of highly skilled typists. Accessible 24/7. Verbatim transcripts. Disciplinary hearings; arbitrations; CCMA; inquests; court cases (civil & criminal); meetings (record and actual minutes); surveillance (video and audio); dissertations; copy (manuscript) typing; Competition Commission; Bills of Quantities; etc. Audios any format (mp3, wav, D2S, m4a, etc.) - What do you have to type or transcribe?